Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef SP1 Kiritsuke Knife Series

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Japanese food tops the world charts for its delicacy, yet savory, exotic flavors coming from its traditional roots – leaving the jaws dropping for its unique, subtle tastes that blends together so well despite its selection of varying ingredients of all kinds. The original liquid condiments and the recipes to combine them with a selection of certain, fresh ingredients makes Japanese cuisine a stand-out among other form of culinary arts. With its famed intricacy, Japanese dishes like sushi and sashimi became a world phenomenon – the unique blends of raw ingredients brought light to the Western world for the very first time.

With its long history that dates back to centuries ago, Japanese sushi and sashimi has evolved into what we know today as the ‘modern sushi’. Its popularity hit its peaked even during the olden days despite the lack of developments in food processing and the storing of food. However, as sushi and sashimi now tops the international charts for its originality and authenticity in the portrayal of Japanese traditions through the complicated blends of flavors that waters the taste buds, it can be said that Japanese cuisine is indeed, of which fills the stomach with elegance and utmost satisfaction.

The most common reason upon why Japanese cuisine is world-famous, would be its fine selection of fresh, sea-caught seafood and fish. However, what truly makes sushi and sashimi dishes special is the mastery of the Japanese blades. Picturing a Japanese Samurai with his sword, a professional Japanese food chef also has his own blade. A culinary expert in the crafting of Japanese food also needs his essentials – just a set of perfect blades to perform all skills and techniques to cook one’s own signature dishes. The mastery of Japanese knives is highly important to all hopefuls who are looking forward to their dreams in becoming a Japanese food chef.

Sakai Takayuki’s Grand Chef SP1 Kiritsuke Series

Japan is home to countless numbers of cutlery, including other culinary equipment for professional use. Among the cities with high exports of culinary equipment like knives, the city of Sakai is where Sakai Takayuki forges their premium quality blades for Japanese chefs worldwide.

With a long history of over 600 years, Sakai’s knives are all forged with experience and a great understanding of what a blade needs to perform the techniques required in the crafting of delicate sushi pieces. Among Sakai’s top knife series, Sakai Takayuki’s Grand Chef SP1 Kiritsuke series provides users with a wide variety of knife types and models to choose from. A razor-sharp series of blades, the Kiritsuke series features single-edge models made from the Bohler-Uddeholm Swedish steel.

For standard models, the handle material is black Polyoxymethyl resin, while premium models feature brown Desert iron wood. As this series of knife is made especially to ease left handed users with a single-edge feature, most Western chefs and culinary experts will find this series simple to utilize and easier to grip without any concerns in regards to discomfort.

Despite the lesser number of single-edge knives in the market, top brands like Sakai Takayuki sees the importance of comfort as it affects the performance in the crafting of delicious dishes. With this in mind, users can enjoy a wide range of knife lengths in the Kiritsuke series to meet specific needs and requirements. As most are Yanagiba knife models, users are expected to use this Kiritsuke knife to craft delicate sashimi pieces – slicing through a fine selection of fresh seafood and fish. Left handed users, specifically Western Japanese food chefs, would definitely enjoy having this Kiritsuke knife series in possession.