Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel Knife Selections

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If you are a dedicated cook or a passionate, ready-to-learn chef wishing to succeed in the cooking of Japanese delicacies like sushi or sashimi dishes, then you’d know how important a Japanese knife is. A Japanese knife plays a significant role in how the dishes will be made, specifically when it comes to sushi and sashimi menus. As sushi and sashimi dishes require intricate cooking processes like those of accurately slicing paper-thin pieces of raw fish into sizes and proportions deemed suitable and perfect to bring out all the authentic, yet exotic tastes of rawness, a Japanese knife and the mastery of the skills are essential. True Japanese food lovers and gourmets will notice the differences in flavors and scents due to the slightest changes in the thickness of fish; therefore, the skills of the blade are truly essential when it comes to crafting Japanese delicacies like those earlier mentioned.

Japanese sushi with toppings like Sake, Sea Bass, Fatty Tuna, and Unagi may be the popular, most well-known sushi toppings out there. However, who’d know that slicing through them could be a challenging task? Different kinds of fish will require varying techniques and different pressure to result in precise, perfect slices for various dishes. Thus, being able to efficiently utilize a Japanese knife for various cuts, slices, and chops will result in delicious, mouth-watering sushi and sashimi pieces ready to be served.

As the importance of Japanese knives tripled worldwide due to the surprising increase in the intensity and the popularity of Japanese food in general, there are new Japanese knife brands in the market, competing with best prices and quality materials. However, not all Japanese knife brands are ‘reliable’ and ‘efficient’. Despite the increase in Japanese knife brands, only a selected few are those that truly earned the ‘trust’ from Japanese knife users, culinary experts, and professionals. Among those, Sakai Takayuki tops the charts for efficient blades with high performance, premium quality steels, fine selections of handle materials, elegant designs, and uniquely styled sheaths.

Sakai Takayuki Aoniko

Although Sakai Takayuki offers users and knife collectors a wide variety of knife types, series, and models featuring selections of materials that differ from one another, the Aoniko series stand out among the rest with all of its knife types and models made out of the famous Yasugi Blue steel or also known as the Aogami No.2 steel in mono steel construction. The Yasugi Aoko Steel is among the hardest steels which are often used to make high-end, top-tier culinary tools. The Aogami No.2 steel is also known as a High Prime Carbon steel especially used in the crafting of professional tools and equipment, as high resistance, longevity, durability, strength, and rust resistance are all its pros. Compared to other steel types, the Aogami No.2 steel is considered top of the rank with all the benefits it provides to knife users and collectors alike.

Sakai Takayuki Aoniko knife selections differ from other knife lines and series with the ‘authentic Japanese edge’ feature. Other knife collections and series made out of stainless steel like Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef, for instance, can be enough for beginners and intermediate cooks. For professionals, though, trying out the Aoniko knife selections will bring the challenge to the next level. Crafted out of the unique and high-quality Mahogany wood, all handles of the Aoniko knife selections are crafted by highly-skilled Sakai Takayuki craftsmen and blacksmiths. With the Aoniko knife series, users and even collectors will be extremely satisfied and surprised with all the function and benefits these knives have to offer.