Sakai Takayuki Top Knife Models

Sakai Takayuki Top Knife Models

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Although Japan is a destination filled with scents of Cherry blossom trees, the pastel colored skies hovering the well-known Mount Fuji, and traditions of tea reading, it is also one of the most mysterious countries that hides a culinary gem. Japanese cuisine tops the world for its intricate food crafting processes, the delicacy in the crafting of various dishes, and the creativity seen in the eye-widening aesthetics and vivid colored ingredients often placed on soft, subtle yet in a way exotic trays and platters. Japanese cuisine reflects its traditions – the origins coming from historical events, antique traditions, and nature were crafted into pieces of culinary arts. This explains why most Japanese head chefs have higher preference towards opening up one’s own Omakase restaurant, as this allows them to freely express their passions through the dabs of the Wasabi, the swift motions of the blades, and the colorful caviar line-up surrounded by droplets of the chef’s very own Nitsume sauce.

As creativity and a great understanding of the Japanese traditions are highly important in the crafting of delicate sushi pieces, so does the mastery of the Japanese knife. Japanese knives are specially forged to support numerous techniques required in order to make perfect sushi pieces. As sashimi pieces often feature thin slices of raw fish like Salmon or Sea Bass, it is only right to know how to correctly use a Japanese knife, or the so-called ‘Wa-bochos’. As knives are essential in the making of Japanese cuisine, Japan and its countless numbers of cities in various parts of the nation have always been home to various equipment and tools required in the culinary world. However, there is one significant brand that forges splendid quality knives and extremely sharp blades perfect for making sushi.

Sakai Takayuki is among Japan’s top-tier, high-end Japanese knife brands introducing the world with quality blades made out of fine materials. To support a wide variety of usage, Sakai Takayuki knives are forged and designed to meet specific needs – to further master the skills and techniques essential to the crafting of delicate Japanese dishes, specifically sushi. Though there are so many models to choose from, the brand has its very own top best-selling models that are purchased by professionals and novices alike.

Sakai Takayuki Special

The Sakai Takayuki Special selections feature a wide variety of knife models forged for different uses, with unique designs and dimensions to meet the needs of the users. Among the special selection line, top models like the Rinka Ginsan silver steel blade, Mirrored Honyaki, and the Shirogami models are the all-time best sellers.

Sakai Takayuki 33-layer VG10 Damascus DHW

This model is forged with high quality VG10 Damascus and is extremely durable with high edge retention. It is among one of the most-loved Sakai Takayuki knives.

Sakai Takayuki Honyaki Water Quench Aogami 2 Steel

This Honyaki water quench Aogami 2 steel knife model is suitable for professional use. It is made up of the famous Yasugi steel or also known as the prime high carbon steel, making it super durable, with very high edge retention. It is among the highest quality traditional knife models extremely perfect and suitable for professional use.

Sakai Takayuki Homura Kogetsu

The Homura Kogetsu knife is also made up of the Yasugi steel and is among the best knives to have in the kitchen for food preparation. It equips the highest wear resistance and is a very sharp knife with durability that comes with extreme blade toughness. It is a model extremely popular and widely used among professional chefs at luxurious restaurants and the authentic Omakase sushi places.